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2009-12-13 13:28:30 by SteelSly

yeah, my next animation is going to come out some time this week. xD
i'm almost finished, just gotta make some finishing touches and I'm done.
I guaruntee this animation is going to be much better than my other 3 animations i have put on to newgrounds.
Soooo.... this was just a message to let you know that I am going to upload my next animation soon


New Animation

2009-11-17 00:01:45 by SteelSly

hello everybody that has watched my animations
probably nobody's even going to look at this post but i'm posting it anyway

I'm just here to say I am making another animation and it is coming soon. I have been working on it for around 3 months from the start of september. I haven't worked on it very much lately because of being busy but I will finish it soon. After this animation, I am thinking of making trailer for the most dangerous game with flash. I will finally be able to draw stuff and not use sprites. I guess I just like sprites xD
oh yeah... and my next animation is going to be Rock Lee vs. Neji but I assure you it is going to be a lot better than the old one I made. xD its pretty good in my standards, with it already being 3 MINUTES LONNGGG, which is crazy long for me :P

well the next time I am going to post something is probably going to be within a month or two. Maybe shorter. I just need to find the time to animate my animation.