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Entry #2


2009-12-13 13:28:30 by SteelSly

yeah, my next animation is going to come out some time this week. xD
i'm almost finished, just gotta make some finishing touches and I'm done.
I guaruntee this animation is going to be much better than my other 3 animations i have put on to newgrounds.
Soooo.... this was just a message to let you know that I am going to upload my next animation soon



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2010-02-01 10:05:26

just watched your grey wolf flash. it was very nice :)

SteelSly responds:

well this wasn't for my gray wolf animation, it was for my Neji vs. rock lee animation :D


2010-05-06 23:36:33

oy! whens the one ur working on coming on..... maybe u should put a trailer/ teaser or something.... SUGEESTION!! V.O. it


2010-05-16 11:25:04

Oh man, totally my bad, had no clue it was for class, glad to hear your learning more about it to. Sorry, I get a bit over zealous when defending something...

SteelSly responds:

that's completely ok :P
even I thought my project wasn't very accurate